The Future of Business Travel

How will business travel programs navigate the new future?

Corporations all over the world are being tasked with transforming the way they do business to ensure sustainable growth.

As we're seeing now with the COVID-19 pandemic global events can cause a massive disruption to your business and limit how employees can successfully collaborate. You can transform your travel program with a more sustainable model that will ensure employees can continue to work safely and happily with Virtual Collaboration.

Having a Virtual Collaboration strategy in place will ensure business continuity in times of travel disruption. When travel begins to return, you'll be able to assess the drivers of travel demand in your organization and build a “stay or go” framework to help employees determine the best travel and collaboration options. Making sure the right technology and employee engagement strategies are in place now will lead to a more sustainable model that will ensure employees can work together under any circumstance.

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One thing is for sure: the future of business travel is changing. Use BCD Travel's new guide to prepare your travel program and your travelers to get back to travel safely and efficiently. Covering four essential areas of your travel program (duty of care, traveler communication, spend management, and travel policy), BCD Travel's Back to Travel guide highlights important trends and gives practical advice to get prepared.

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